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Developer: POSSIBLE Games
Game website: tapcompanygame.com
Available on Appstore
Available on Google Play


  • A quirky and fun little tapper game with a big story
  • Immersive tale with an unexpected twist
  • Make money to build your own casino, the more you make the taller it gets
  • Hire the best employees from Ghandi to a suit clad albino gorilla
  • Make some extra cash in your own secret gambling hideout

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You’re the boss at a small startup company in Miami. If you’re good enough, you’ll quickly find yourself making so much money, you can build the world’s biggest casino. Okay, the illegal slot machines in the basement will help too, but hey, what the feds don’t know, won’t hurt them, right? And once your business is really going well, you can fill your office with workers who are willing to do the dirty work for you. Then you can lay back, relax and sip a well-deserved margarita… Well, not exactly. There are other things to worry about, like that strange, otherworldly light in the sky growing more and more menacing as it grows bigger and brighter. What could it be? Is it a threat to Earth? Will you be able to act in the moment of need? Play to find out!